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Un Nemico

Feature film – DoP

UN NEMICO CHE TI VUOLO BENE – black comedy, shot on location in Italy/Switzerland, 35mm-digital, 88 min., cinema release 2018

Director: Denis Rabaglia
Producer: Michael Steiger, Anita Wasser, Hans G. Syz, Mauro Preti, Andrea Preti, Pierpaolo Piastra
Production: Falkor Productinons, Tunus Film AG
Distribution: Medusa Film, Filmcoopi
Cast: Diego Abatantuono, Antonio Folletto, Sandra Milo, Antonio Catania, Ugo Conti, Massimo Ghini, Andrea Preti, Gisella Donadoni, Mirko Trovato, Roberto Ciufoli

On a rainy night professor Enzo Stefanelli coincidentally rescues the life of a 30 year old Mafioso. In return for this gesture the killer promises him to kill an enemy of the professor. Against the professor’s will, he sets off in search of a potential enemy in hiw environment, disrupting the previously structured life of the professor. What if it is true that each of us has an enemy that has to be gotten rid off? After initial skepticism Enzo decides to open up his eyes to his life and the people who surround him…
Will Enzo be able to identify his true enemy? And how will the killer, who has become Enzo’s only friend, behave?


Premiered at Locarno Film Festival’s Piazza Grande 2018

Markus Huersch


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