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Commercial – Writer, Director, DoP

Director/Writer/DoP: Markus Huersch
Producer: Alexandra Schild
Production: Schild Productions

“Polo is still largely unnoticed as a sport in German-speaking countries and is hardly present in the media, except in connection with clichés of glamor and high society or with animal cruelty. Until recently, I didn’t know what really made the oldest team sport in the world. Polo is called the game of kings, not because you need a whole court for it, but because this sport demands team spirit, courage, strategy, anticipation and the coordination of animal, ball and racket and places extremely high demands on the player. Because the sport is highly aesthetic and fascinating and because fairness and respect for the horses, the team and the opponent on the field are considered the highest virtues.
I have found two very different protagonists who do not correspond to any of the common clichés but pationately play polo with and orient their lives entirely accordingly. Based on their stories, I want to bring the equestrian sport of polo closer to the audience, examine the elegance, the speed, the hardness and the tension of the game but also the prejudices of high society and cruelty to animals. It cannot be denied that polo is an elaborate sport. This is the success story of two protagonists who pursue their goal with full commitment and will, and where money is not decisive, if you follow your dream. „

Markus Huersch


Markus Huersch

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