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Exhibition documentary – Writer, Director, DoP

Client: A.Vogel GMBH, Schweiz
Szenografie: ZMIK, Basel
Production: TheBand, Zürich
Writer/Director/DOP: Markus Huersch
Composer: Michael Ricar
Animation: Fabian Gasser

This film has replaced the previous visitor tour in the production halls and describes without words the careful processing of Echinacea from the plant to the end product to the audience. The film runs in between an endless Loop with macro’s of the Echinacea-plant and is projected onto a 6m wide screen.
The info- film with endless loop animation on 4 screens for the new visitor area in Roggwil gives visitors an insight into challenging tasks in production, the development of new drugs and the success story of A.Vogel GMBH.

Markus Huersch


Markus Huersch

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